Github API Key

All the Fingerbank clients will either partially work or not work if you do not provide a valid API key obtained from

SQLite3 Database
978 MiB

p0f map
11 KiB

The Fingerbank compatible p0f map will allow p0f to use the same device identifiers as Fingerbank so that when interogating it's socket, it will return a device identifier that can be used directly with the Fingerbank database.

Attribute map
249 MiB

This is a JSON hash map of the attributes and their corresponding combination ID.

JavaScript Client
2.4 KiB

A lightweight Fingerbank client that allows to query the online API for a specific user agent or the current user agent of the browser when executed in that context.
Using bower
bower install fingerbank-client
Using the online version
<script type="text/javascript"

Ruby client (with Rails support)
48 KiB

This is a light client for Fingerbank which only supports user agent lookup either in the local SQLite database or though the public API.
Using gem
gem install fingerbank_client